随着县政府根据政府官员的各种命令关闭,您如何保持建筑项目,人员和物资的流动?一种方法是大厅通行证。今天,我们与Barthet建筑律师事务所的Justin Tolley谈了南佛罗里达州的各种命令,为何认为建筑必不可少以及如何使用“hall pass”这样您的工人就可以通过检查站。读贾斯汀’s 文章 which includes a sample letter and wallet card, the 大厅通行证, click here. For information on closures nationwide, here is a database which is being constantly updated. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Justin Tolley or 亚历克斯·巴特 at 305-347-5290.

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